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John Legend to be wedding singer for charity

R&B star John Legend is offering to be a wedding singer as part of a fundraiser for his education charity.

The All of Me hitmaker has launched a contest on Omaze.com to raise money for his organization, the Show Me Campaign, and part of the proceeds will go towards rebuilding the high school auditorium in Springfield, Ohio, where Legend grew up.

With a $10 donation, fans can enter the contest to win the grand prize of Legend singing at a wedding or party.

In a video posted on Omaze.com, Legend says, "I want to sing a private show for you. Anywhere - even your wedding! And if you're already married? That's cool. Let's celebrate your anniversary. Not married? Not a problem. Let's sweeten up that hot date and get you to that next step - marriage, of course!

"The next time that snotty girl at the office brings up how amazing her wedding was, you can casually drop that you had a Grammy award-winning singer at yours."

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