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Joel Madden banned from signing up for reality TV family show

Good Charlotte star Joel Madden would love to invite reality TV cameras into his home - but his wife Nicole Richie won't let him.

The rocker admits the couple has been approached by producers numerous times and he'd love to document their life at home - but Richie, who teamed up with Paris Hilton for The Simple Life, won't hear of it.

He tells TV show Rove L.A., "I've been approached about a few reality shows... I wanna do a reality show; my wife wouldn't do it."

But Madden, who was a judge on the first season of TV talent show The Voice in Australia, admits his wife is a big fan of the Real Housewives shows, revealing, "My wife watches those shows to fall asleep and when I think she's asleep, I inch the controller away from her and change the channel."

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