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Joel Kinnaman opens up about bizarre wedding

There was nothing romantic about actor Joel Kinnaman's recent wedding - he tied the knot in a make-shift chapel which resembled a "medieval torture contraption".

The RoboCop star quietly exchanged vows with Cleo Wattenstrom earlier this year (16), but the news only became public when he first referred to the tattoo artist as his "wife" in a TV interview in April (16).

Now the Swedish actor has opened up about the low-key nuptials, insisting it was a day to remember, but only because it was so bizarre.

"I'm a romantic guy, so I took her to this magical place called SameDayMarriage.com on... San Vicente Boulevard in Los Angeles," Joel quipped on morning show Live! with Kelly. "We walked in there and there was this woman sitting behind the counter and she was like (speaking with a heavy accent), 'You want to get married?' I looked at Cleo and was like, 'Yeah, yeah'. She said, 'OK, $435, quick, quick.'"

Kinnaman, 36, and his bride-to-be were ushered into a "weird little waiting room", where they were greeted by a "strange" woman, who served as their officiant.

"She was like, 'OK, so you want to get married...? Stand inside chapel,'" he recalled. "I was like, 'Chapel?' And then I saw they had this sort of, medieval torture contraption with two metal bars hanging across each other with a little cloth hanging."

Joel and Cleo did as they were told, and he admits the quick ceremony was just as odd as the rest of their wedding day experience.

"So we go inside, she (officiant) turns to me (and says), 'Marriage, the rest of your life? Say yes'," he smiled. "She turns to Cleo and says, 'Marriage, you too, rest of the life (sic)?' And Cleo was like, 'Yes', and then she's like, 'Oh, you can kiss her!' Then we kissed, and she went, 'Married!'"

The marriage is Kinnaman's first. He previously dated actress Olivia Munn for two years until 2014.

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