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Joel and Benji Madden to release debut album as a double act

Rock twins Joel and Benji Madden are set to release their first album as a double act.

The siblings have been on hiatus from their band Good Charlotte since last year (13) while they focus on their side-project, The Madden Brothers.

Now the pair has unveiled plans for their new act's debut record, Greetings from California, which includes a single called California Rain, co-written with producer Pharrell Williams.

Joel says, "We went to see him (Williams) in Miami and Benji brought an acoustic guitar. We wrote the song together that night. It felt like a repeat of us leaving home at 18 for California (in search of fame) with just an acoustic guitar. All these years later, it all comes down to an acoustic guitar."

The record will be released in October (14).

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