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Joe Jonas pranks Hailee Steinfeld during radio interview

Joe Jonas pulled an early April Fools' Day prank on pal Hailee Steinfeld by posing as a Brit and calling in to an Australian radio show.

The actress-turned-singer is currently Down Under promoting her new song Rock Bottom, a collaboration with Joe's band DNCE, and the 26-year-old decided to have a little fun at Hailee's expense during her appearance on Nova 96.9 FM.

Producers behind the Smallzy's Surgery show worked with Joe to concoct a plan, and then had him phone in to chat with Hailee, pretending to be a British listener called Harry.

"My first question is, it's kind of weird, but can you send me some of your toenail clippings in the mail?" he asked.

A stunned Hailee responded, "Is this for real?", before Joe turned his attention to their new music.

"What was it like working with DNCE and that Joe Jonas?" he quizzed, to which the 19-year-old replied, "It was really great. I had a wonderful time collaborating with them. I love Joe and the band..."

However, Hailee appeared to catch on to the prank, and quickly turned the chat around.

"I think they took a lot away from it, actually," she continued, taking a dig at her pop pal. "You know, Joe sings the whole second verse, which means I'm not singing it, so that kinda sucks, but whatever."

Hailee then joked about being ignored when the "Jonas boys" walk into a room, saying, "It's like no one else exists."

"It's pretty terrible," she deadpanned about Joe and his former Jonas Brothers bandmates Nick and Kevin.

Hailee has yet to comment on the prank online, but Joe reposted a link to the radio show on Twitter.com.

"@HaileeSteinfeld is about to get PUNK'D by @joejonas..." read the post from a radio station spokesperson. "Keep it locked on #SmallzysSurgery".

It's not the first time Joe has teased fans for April Fools' Day. Last year (15), he and Hailee teamed up to prank followers online after the Cake by the Ocean hitmaker shared an ultrasound photo of a baby and claimed he and the True Grit star were set to become first-time parents.

"So happy to announce @HaileeSteinfeld and I are expecting our first," he announced.

Gossips and bloggers went into overdrive when the sonogram appeared on Twitter.com on 2 April (15), as many thought it was too late to be a practical joke.

However, Hailee made it clear she wasn't about to become a teenage mom, telling talk show host Jimmy Kimmel a month later (May15), "We were basically talking about how I hadn't pulled any pranks yet and he'd been getting people all day, so he's like... 'I got this'... There's no baby."

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