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Joe Jonas on angry DNCE song: 'You'll know who it's about'

Singer Joe Jonas insists fans will easily identify the inspiration behind his unreleased new DNCE song as soon as they hear it.

Back in February (16) the 26-year-old entertainer took to Twitter and wrote: "Always fun writing a song that's gonna p**s someone off," and the message left some fans believing he had penned a track about ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid, who he dated for a few months in (15).

And, when asked by a journalist from Entertainment Tonight to clarify the tweet on at the WE Day celebration in Los Angeles on Thursday (07Apr16), Joe teased fans further by vaguely confirming the song was written about someone they're likely to recognise.

"As of right now, you'll definitely know who it's about (when you hear it)," he insisted. "But sometimes you have to sugarcoat it so it's not so obvious."

Gigi and Joe became so close while they were dating, she even directed the music video for DNCE's hit single Cake By the Ocean, which was released in September (15), two months before they split and she moved on to date former One Direction star Zayn Malik.

Before getting together romantically, the former couple was friends for years, and Joe thinks it's fair game for musicians to write songs about the journey of an intimate relationship.

"Songwriting is an artist's way of expressing their journey and their personal life," he explained. "I don't really do much speaking on my personal life, so the fact that I get to probably answer a few questions - people are wondering what I'm thinking about - so it's nice to be able to put that out there."

Listeners will be able to hear the angry song Joe tweeted about after he and his DNCE bandmates Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle and JinJoo Lee release their first full-length album in a few months.

"I would say August, late August - and we're just grinding away in the studio," he said when asked when fans can expect the record to reach the shelves. "I'm going into the studio right after this (the WE Day event in California) to finish a track, so there's a lot of exciting new music I’ve been working on that isn't on the (2015 debut) EP (SWAYY)."

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