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Joe Jonas made bandmate jealous over Ashley Graham video romp

Joe Jonas made his Dnce bandmate Cole Whittle "pretty jealous" after rolling around in bed with model Ashley Graham for their Toothbrush video.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit beauty played Joe's love interest in last year's (16) sexy promo, and while they were having a ball on set, the singer admits keyboardist Cole had no interest watching the shoot unfold.

"It was quite funny on set," the frontman recalls to Gotham magazine. "Cole was pretty mad at me - he didn't even want to be around the filming process - because he was pretty jealous. (Ashley) was great and so much fun to work with."

In the video, Joe and Ashley kiss and cuddle in bed, but the former Jonas Brothers star insists filming steamy scenes are never comfortable for him, because the actual set up is far from romantic - and he has the model to thank for helping to put him at ease.

He adds, "Of course, there's like 10 camera guys in a room with you when you're lying on a bed, but she made it really funny and kept me laughing, which made it really comfortable."

Joe formed DNCE in 2015, two years after parting ways musically with his brothers Nick and Kevin, but the singer claims it wasn't an easy transition leaving the Jonas Brothers behind.

"It was startling at first," he shares. "I needed a week or two to process it.

"It was such an important changeover for me. I felt like it was time for us to hang up the hat, but we were holding on to it for so long."

Now Joe, who initially planned to go solo, has found his groove again with his new bandmates Cole, guitarist JinJoo Lee, and drummer Jack Lawless, and he is enjoying life on the road with his pals.

"I always loved being in a band surrounded by great musicians and people that love it as much as me, and being able to perform onstage with a group of friends and have a blast," he says. "That’s at the core of what DNCE has been for the last two years - just pure fun for us."

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