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Jessie J struggles through Aussie show

Jessie J struggled through a show in Australia with a "tired" voice on Wednesday night (07Mar12), admitting the gig "wasn't easy".

The sick Price Tag hitmaker scrapped two concerts in Perth over the last few days after suffering "vocal exhaustion" due to jet lag and fatigue, but she pressed ahead with plans to perform in Melbourne on Wednesday.

She took to the stage as scheduled at the city's Festival Hall and her voice was still shaky, but she battled through until the end of show.

In a post on Twitter.com, the British pop star writes, "Woah that wasn't easy!!! Voice is tiyyad (tired) and sound wasn't great but Melbourne was insane!!! The audience were incredible!!! Now off to bed!! Rest Rest Rest! Thank you to all who came."

The singer is due back on stage in Sydney on Thursday (08Mar12).

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