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Jessie J plans to marry boyfriend

British pop star Jessie J wants to marry her new boyfriend, singer Luke James.

The Price Tag hitmaker gushed about her American lover in a new interview and revealed she loves both him and his music.

She tells Britain's Daily Star newspaper, "I am so in love with him. He was booked to support me on tour before we even met. That's how much I loved him as an artist. That's before I met him and thought 'I want you to be my husband one day.' It has only been five months but it feels right.

"Previously I was in a three-year relationship in secret and by the end I just wanted to experience love like everybody else does. I didn't want to hide anymore. Then when I met Luke I said: 'You're famous, I'm famous. If we don't take control of this ourselves and make it a public thing and own it instead of trying to hide it, then it won't work.'"

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