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Jessie J moving to the U.S.

British pop star Jessie J is moving to the U.S. in a bid to crack the American music industry.

The Price Tag hitmaker, who has worked with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj on her new single Bang Bang, is hoping to cement her success across the Atlantic and she is planning to settle in the country.

She tells British radio's KISS FM UK Breakfast Show, "I'm kind of 50/50 there and within the next kind of 18 months I'm gonna basically get a place in L.A. or New York. Yeah. Flying in east."

She adds of working with big names such as Minaj and Grande, "I got played the song (Bang Bang) and I was like I have to record this. And (I) put my vocal down and then Ariana Grande heard it and she was like 'I wanna put a verse on it'. Then Nicki heard it and I mean I had tried to get Nicki on (debut single) Do It Like a Dude... I didn't even know she was gonna like really do it. And they sent me a verse and I cried."

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