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Jesse Eisenberg put off net searches by insult

Actor Jesse Eisenberg vowed never to search his own name online after a critic subjected him to the "meanest" possible insult before his first movie was even released.

The Social Network star got his big break playing a sex-starved teenager in 2002 film Roger Dodger, but he received a swift introduction to the harsh nature of Hollywood by Googling himself when the movie's trailer hit screens.

He discovered his brief appearance in the clip had riled one viewer who wrote a barrage of abuse online, and it has put Eisenberg off searching his own name ever since.

He tells British magazine The Guide, "It's an odd experience; you want to be a fly on the wall after you leave a room, and if you're doing something that's public you have total access to that experience.

"The first movie I was in, I was 19 years old. When it came out and I Googled myself, or Alta Vista-ed myself, and someone said the meanest thing I'd ever heard anyone say about another human being. Just from the trailer of the movie... But after that I never searched for myself again. Because people can be cruel."

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