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Jess Glynne breaks down in tears when she flies

British singer Jess Glynne fears her phobia of flying is worsening after a recent journey caused a crying fit.

The Rather Be musician's career has taken off over the past two years, but she says her international touring schedule is making her more anxious every time she gets on an aircraft.

Jess admits that her phobia is now so severe that an incident on a flight back from Milan, Italy reduced her to floods of tears.

"Every flight I just end up crying and I feel like the more I've flown, the worse it's got," she tells Britain's Fabulous magazine.

"Like the other day, I was flying back from Milan and I was having a fit. The plane dropped. One of the guys in my band is the same. We were both on that plane in tears."

The, star, who has admitted experiencing bouts of depression in the past, credits her management team with ensuring her jet-setting pop career does not have an adverse effect on her well-being.

"My management are amazing, my label is lovely," she says. "Everyone's just so close and I'd trust anyone with my life. I think that is so important because you do see a lot of people who don't have that connection with the people around them. They don't have that tight thing. I witness that a lot."

Jess feels that one of her idols Amy Winehouse could have avoided the tragic downward spiral which ended with her death in 2011, had she received better career advice.

"She didn't have the right people around her," she says. "The 'Amy' documentary made me realise why that was so detrimental to everything that she was doing. And that's where I've got it completely different. I have people that keep me grounded. I think that's the only thing which keeps you secure in yourself."

The pop songstress has previously cited Amy, who like her grew up in north London, as her biggest musical influence, saying she found her death "devastating".

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