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Jennifer Lopez slow dances with American Idol contestant

American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez was treated to a special serenade by a hopeful who asked to dance with her during his audition for the singing competition.

The pop star is back at work for the upcoming 14th season of the talent show, and during a recent search in Nashville, Tennessee, Lopez happily granted the request of one lucky contestant.

In a video clip released online, the young man asks Lopez to dance, to which she happily obliges. As she rests her head on his shoulder, the contestant serenades her with Sam Smith's Stay With Me, while fellow judges Harry Connick, Jr. joins in on piano and Keith Urban takes hold of the hopeful's guitar and strums along while singing harmonies.

After the soulful serenade, Lopez exclaims, "Thank you! This is so sweet. That's the most fun I've had in months!"

The 14th season of American Idol kicks off in January (15).

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