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Jennifer Lopez learns movie role news during radio interview

Jennifer Lopez halted a radio interview on Wednesday (12Jun13) when her agent called to tell her she had won a coveted film role.

The actress/singer was midway through a live chat with Washington, D.C. radio DJ Toby Knapp when she was passed a cell phone by one of her team.

The surprised star begrudgingly took the call, before shouting, "Really? Oh my God, how did that happen?" when she was told the good news.

The interview stalled as Lopez lapped up the details from her agent, and she became teary before hanging up and beaming at her interviewer.

When quizzed over the call, the star revealed, "I just got this movie role I really wanted. It's a small movie but it's a great role and a lot of people wanted it."

Lopez kept details of the movie and her co-stars under wraps.

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