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Jennifer Lopez feared for daughter at fashion show

Jennifer Lopez regrets indulging her daughter's love of clothes by taking her to a fashion show because they were mobbed by fans at the event.

The I'm Real hitmaker took four-year-old Emme to a Chanel show earlier this month (Oct12) and accessorised the child's outfit with $2,400 of the luxury fashion house's jewelry.

But Jennifer Lopez's rare appearance at the catwalk event, combined with her daughter's presence, caused such a stir that she feared for their safety.

She tells Britain's Weekend Magazine, "From the time (Emme) was little she was always in the wardrobe trying something on. So recently, when I was invited to the Chanel fashion show in Paris, I thought it would be nice to take her with me...

"I hadn't been to a fashion show for ages and I forgot people could rush you. They were so close and I got so full of anxiety, thinking, 'What am I doing here with my daughter?' But she was fine. I was the one freaking out. I don't think I'll do that again."

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