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Jay Z confronts paparazzi to protect Beyonce

Rap mogul Jay Z confronted a group of paparazzi outside a New York office building on Monday (11May15) after a fight broke out in the crowd as he and his wife Beyonce tried to make their way to a waiting car.

Bodyguards tried to clear a path for the superstar couple as it exited the building, but a few snappers began pushing and shoving to get clear shots of the musicians, prompting one security member to issue a stern warning to them to step back.

Jay Z, who was wearing a T-shirt bearing the word 'Peace', decided to take the matter into his own hands and stepped out of the protection of his guards to walk up to the brawling photographers and urge them to calm down, allowing Beyonce to slip into the waiting SUV unscathed.

The incident occurred a day after the couple spent Mother's Day (10May15) with the families of slain, alleged police brutality victims Freddie Gray and Mike Brown at Prince's Rally 4 Peace concert in Baltimore, Maryland.

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