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Jared Followill frightens aides with hospital prank

Jared Followill gave his minders a scare on Thursday (17Nov11) after the Kings Of Leon star joked about having an allergic reaction in posts on Twitter.com.

The rocker was enjoying a spicy meal and decided to have a little fun with his followers by claiming to be allergic to his food.

He tweeted, "I love spicy food, but this Kung Pao chicken is going down in history. So hot I can't taste. My mouth is numb... I might be allergic to chili peppers. Do my lips look swollen to you guys?"

He then shared a photo of himself pouting, adding, "Ok. I think they're getting worse. I'm going to the hospital."

But the rocker's minders took Followill's jokes seriously and quickly contacted the bassist to check up on him.

Followill was amused by their response and shared a concerned text message from his manager, which read, "If you are having an allergic reaction the doctor's advice is you must go to hospital in case your throat swells and could cause serious breathing problems. Let me know."

The star added, "Ha! The people that work for me got worried. Twitter gets me in trouble everyday."

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