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January Jones pulls property prank on first love

Actress January Jones recently took revenge on her high school sweetheart by helping his co-workers pull a mean prank on their boss.

The Mad Men star was contacted by colleagues of realtor Tony Erickson and asked to reach out to her ex-boyfriend to make a fake enquiry about purchasing pricey homes in their native South Dakota.

Cheeky Jones obliged, despite not having spoken to her first love in 20 years, and she helped the real estate employees set up the stunt, in which Erickson was led to believe that he would be reuniting with the blonde beauty in an airport cafe.

She explains, "He broke my heart 20 years ago, he deserved it! He's a realtor and I called him yesterday and said I was flying into Sioux Falls, South Dakota, really quick (sic). I was very rushed on the phone because I'm an actress and I'm really busy... He's a big prankster at work and his co-workers wanted to get him back. So I agreed to help...

"He had homes in the one to two million (dollar) range that I was going to invest as a property investment. I said I was gonna buy a house... So I asked him to meet me at the airport in the coffee shop and we would talk about homes... Instead of me coming in off the flight, there was one of his co-workers with a sign (with a picture) of my face, and they sent me a video of him afterwards with his folder, with his houses and everything..."

However, Jones admits the joke may really be on her - because the properties he had picked out for her have actually caught her eye.

She adds, "The ironic thing is the homes he emailed me are really nice, so I might buy one anyway!"

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