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Jamie-Lynn Sigler: 'Opening up about multiple sclerosis battle has been therapeutic'

Jamie-Lynn Sigler is happy she opened up about her multiple sclerosis battle, insisting she has found it therapeutic to talk about the illness.

The Sopranos star, 35, went public with her struggle with multiple sclerosis in January (16), revealing she had been secretly battling the autoimmune disease since she was 20.

Sigler was so used to hiding her health battle she is still adjusting to it being out in the open. However, she reveals she feels liberated ever since going public with her diagnosis.

"You know, it's still a little bit of learning curve for me, because I am so used to having to hide it," she tells E! News. "I'm so used to not asking for help if I need it or anything like that."

"I sometimes have to remind myself, 'Oh, you don't need to be self-conscious any more, everyone knows and it's OK to ask for someone's arm if you need something'," she continues. "I'm embracing it and I'm learning to ask for help, which is an important lesson, I think, for everyone."

While the actress is still adjusting to being so open about her health battle, she insists she is grateful to be able to be an advocate for raising awareness for the disease.

"I think my M.S. looks different than other people's M.S., but what we have in common is our emotional journey," she says.

"It's been therapeutic for me because it's important to talk about things that are uncomfortable," she adds. "And when you realize you're not alone it makes everything a lot easier."

And while Jamie-Lynn works hard to maintain her health, the actress admits there are times she has to take a step back if she feels she is overdoing things: "I can't burn the candle at both ends," she continues, "but I have to be more responsible and careful. I'm figuring out a way to do it that and I can still live a really full life."

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