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Jamie Foxx: 'I thought my Whitney karaoke video would be worth something one day'

Jamie Foxx curses video-sharing websites like YouTube.com because they've rendered special footage he has of a 2000 karaoke session with Whitney Houston worthless.

The Oscar winner captured video of himself, Houston and her then-husband Bobby Brown tackling karaoke at a private event 14 years ago and placed it in a safety deposit box, secure in the knowledge that one day the footage would be a big deal.

But he tells WENN that he fears no one would be interested in the karaoke clip today - because there is so much footage of Whitney online.

He says, "Remember when archives meant something? I had this video of Whitney Houston singing karaoke. I cherish that video. It was me and Whitney and Bobby Brown singing karaoke and I negotiated to get the camera turned on, like, 'Is it cool?' She said, 'You know Jamie, I get a million dollars to sing a song... you go ahead!'

"I put it in a safe deposit box and then YouTube came along and now it don't matter! Who gives a s**t now!"

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