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James McAvoy apologizes for swearing on live TV

Actor James Mcavoy was left blushing with embarrassment on Wednesday (11Nov15) after accidentally swearing on live TV in America.

The X-Men: First Class star was promoting his new film Victor Frankenstein in a joint interview with Daniel Radcliffe on breakfast show Today, and during the chat, the Harry Potter actor admitted their sci-fi drama was a lot less comedic than Gene Wilder and Marty Feldman's 1974 fantasy Young Frankenstein, which he had watched to research his role as Igor.

"It was the only Frankenstein movie that I actually really knew," Daniel explained, "so I watched it and I was like, I'm not gonna try and compete with Marty Feldman, 'cause that's the definitive comedy Igor. There's a little bit of comedy that I bring to (Victor Frankenstein) but we're not as funny as that!"

His co-star's slip up occurred as James then poked fun at Daniel's bungled attempt to sell the film to viewers.

"We're not as funny as that but we're better at doing crying and s**t!" he quipped.

He quickly realized his mistake and clasped his hands over his mouth in horror as Daniel did the same, while co-host Kathie Lee Gifford tried to cover up the error by suggesting the star was referring to "shiitake mushrooms".

The group then tried to laugh off the mishap as James, who had pulled an "all nighter" working after their film's New York premiere, voluntarily made amends for his bad language.

"Do I need to make a huge apology?," he asked, before stating, "I'm really sorry if I've offended anybody."

"Me and James have been talking for, like, two weeks (non-stop) at this point, we barely have any control over what's coming out of our mouths anymore," Daniel explained in James' defense, as the Scot admitted, "I'm actually afraid to speak!"

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