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James Franco: 'My book was not meant to offend'

James Franco is adamant he did not set out to shock with his debut novel Actors Anonymous, but has apologised to stars including Daniel Day-Lewis and Quentin Tarantino if it offended them.

The 127 Hours actor raised eyebrows when the book hit stores in October (13) amid fears many of the fictional encounters detailed were based on real events.

It also contains several light-hearted barbs aimed at Oscar-winning stars Day-Lewis and Tarantino, but Franco insists he did not mean to ridicule other famous faces.

He tells The Sunday Times Magazine, "If they're mad, I'm sorry. It's not... I'm not going after them. If I wanted to go after actors, or people in the business, I could really go after them. They're just specific nodes I can hang a point on rather than trying to criticise them."

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