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Jake Lacy wed last year

Girls actor Jake Lacy secretly tied the knot last summer (15).

Lena Dunham's onscreen boyfriend is officially off the market after telling People magazine he and his girlfriend exchanged vows in August (15).

He detailed his new marriage to TV personality Maria Menounos on her SiriusXM radio programme, admitting his new status as a married man has changed the dynamic of the relationship for the better.

"It feels like you got a person who always has your back, even more so than when you're boyfriend and girlfriend," he explained.

The Office alum did not reveal his wife by name, but said she is someone he's been with "for many years", adding the topic of sports has been a "contentious issue" for the couple, because she does not support the New England native's favourite teams.

Lacy also added that even though he's turning 30 on Valentine's Day (14Feb16), he's not making the romantic holiday all about him.

"I still like do a little something for her," he added. "I'm not like, 'It's my day, babe. Sorry, you missed out. You should have married somebody born on the 15th'.

"I'll still do something. But she always gets me the greatest stuff and she's the best. It's awesome."

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