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Jake Gyllenhaal had real thug life party in End of Watch

Gangster party scenes in Jake Gyllenhaal's new movie End Of Watch were for real - director David Ayer and his film crew gained access to real-life thug get togethers.

The actor has given fans an insight into the shoot by revealing the extras were real bad guys.

He says, "They were all gangsters... There's one scene specifically that's, like, a party... They were all gangsters at this party that allowed us into their party to shoot.

"But by the end of the party nobody really cared that we were making a movie anymore, so everyone would just sorta leave. There were, like, fights breaking out... so they weren't, like, good extras. They actually sucked.

"We were filling in... people putting, like, crew members in gangster outfits to fill in spots that all the real gangsters had left."

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