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Jake Gyllenhaal: 'Destruction is everywhere'

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal is concerned patterns of destruction have become more prevalent in society now than ever before.

The 35 year old stars in new drama Demolition, about an investment banker named Davis who suddenly finds his routine life unfulfilling after losing his wife in a fatal car accident.

Jake's character Davis literally demolishes many aspects of his life in the film and the screen star thinks similar acts of destruction are occurring literally and metaphorically in the wider community.

"I see it everywhere," he tells Vulture. "I see it in bullying. It’s a preadolescent behavior. Kids at a certain age build up blocks and a second later, they’ll kick them all down, and there’s this satisfaction. I see that when we talk s**t about each other, when we criticize each other about things that are obvious projections, but hurt."

Jake believes many of these acts of destructive violence are very subtle and are not normally acknowledged by others - something he can no longer tolerate.

"People should be held accountable for that," he says of mean behavior like bullying. "Even in the political spectrum at this moment, I feel there’s an engagement of that preadolescent piece in all of us. I feel like (current presidential hopeful Donald) Trump seems to be engaging that preadolescent part, but we need an adult as a leader, and we need an adult who ignites the adult in us. I only speak that way because I act in an adolescent way, so I need someone who’s my leader to show me how to act."

Jake's new movie Demolition reached theaters on Friday (8Apr16).

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