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Jaime King urges fans to comment on nearly nude photo

Mom-to-be Jaime King has posted a nearly-nude photo of herself and her growing baby bump online and urged followers to comment on her figure.

The Sin City star is expecting her second child with director husband Kyle Newman later this year (15), and she took to Instagram.com on Tuesday (17Mar15) to show off her baby's progress with a revealing snap.

In the picture, she poses in nothing but her underwear, covering hear breasts with her hands, and she welcomed her thousands of followers to comment on her body.

She added the caption, "My body. My growing baby, open for comments. Plain as day. I, like every other woman, bracing for your judgments. This is who I am. And I love me in every flaw and curve or flat or thin area. And I love you as well in every form that your body takes."

However, King later took down the photo and tweeted she has a "savvy baby," adding, " It was a brave post for a few minutes! He deleted it and several other things!"

King and Newman are already parents to 16-month-old son James Knight. The model/actress recently announced she will name good friend Taylor Swift as the godmother of her unborn baby.

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