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Jack Osbourne warns Ozzy to be on his best behaviour

Jack Osbourne urged his father Ozzy to be on his best behaviour on Monday night (24Oct11) when he introduced the former rock hellraiser to his future mother-in-law.

The reality TV star and filmmaker proposed to girlfriend Lisa Stelly last month (Sep11) and recently revealed they are expecting their first child.

Jack's parents Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne met Stelly's mum and sister for the first time this week when the two families sat down for dinner in Los Angeles - but the groom-to-be couldn't stop worrying that his wild parents would offend the Stellys.

In an interview on Sharon's daytime show The Talk on Tuesday (25Oct11), Ozzy Osbourne says, "We all behaved. We were all on our best behaviour 'cause we had the phone call from Jack saying, 'You screw this up for me...!'"

But Jack felt the prior warning wasn't enough - and he kept pestering his mum to keep Ozzy under control.

Sharon explains, "We met Lisa's mother last night and we had a very nice dinner, and we met one of Lisa's sisters last night because we went to the house that they're moving into together and it was very nice. It was lovely...

"He (Jack) kept texting me, 'Mum, what's dad saying?' I'm ignoring him and he's like, 'Answer! Answer!' ...But I was ignoring him because we are adults. We can be well behaved!"

And Ozzy admits he won't be trying to give 25-year-old Jack marriage or fatherhood tips because he still finds it odd seeing his youngest child all grown up: "It's kind of strange because before you know where you are, they've got out of diapers and then they're having their own kids, it's all happened so quickly, you know?"

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