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Jack Osbourne turns down baby presents

Ozzy Osbourne's son Jack has been forced to turn down gifts for his baby daughter Pearl because he has been flooded with presents for the tot since her arrival earlier this year (12).

The reality TV star's new wife Lisa Stelly gave birth to their first child in April (12), and although Jack Osbourne has been amazed by the generosity of their friends and family, he admits it's gotten to be a little too much.

He tells People.com, "Everyone does (spoil Pearl). We've had to respectfully decline any more gifts... We haven't gotten anything too crazy. There have just been lots of clothes and toys. Not really too outrageous for a baby."

And Jack, who wed Lisa Stelly on 7 October (12), is enjoying every minute of fatherhood: "It's a lot of fun. The best part about it is there's something new every day. Babies grow so much when they're this age. They're constantly changing. You'll go to bed one night and wake up the next morning and you'll learn something new. That's the exciting part."

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