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Iggy Azalea dismisses cheek implant rumours

Iggy Azalea has dismissed suggestions she has undergone further cosmetic surgery by having implants in her cheeks.

The Australian rapper has been candid about her past procedures, owning up to a nose job, breast augmentation, and laser treatment on her skin, but the Fancy star is adamant she has not been plumping her face with fillers.

When a fan tweeted Iggy to ask whether she had undergone surgery on her cheeks, the rapper replied, "LOL (laugh out loud), I just got a nose job boo. Who the f**k gets their 'cheeks' done thats (sic) for when your like 45 and lose volume."

Iggy recently denied rumours she had also undergone a procedure to plump her pout after she shared a picture online which showed her sporting noticeably fuller lips.

Fans compared Iggy to reality TV star Kylie Jenner, who admitted having temporary lip fillers to give herself a fuller smile, but the rapper was adamant her new look was down to make-up.

"I get it they (my lips) look bigger in that one picture, it's just the make-up. There's a million pics after that look regular (sic), it's a reach... They just need gossip to post over Xmas and it's a slow news week at this time of year," she tweeted.

Iggy underwent breast augmentation in 2014, and in August (15), she confirmed she also had a nose job, saying, "I'm not denying it. Denying it is lame."

However, the star is adamant the one thing she will not be changing is her hair colour: "I've been blonde my whole life with no intention of changing..." she tweeted.

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