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Iggy Azalea bewildered by Snoop Dogg's online attack

Rapper Iggy Azalea has written a lengthy message to fans to express her upset following Snoop Dogg's online attack on her appearance.

The Drop It Like It's Hot hitmaker poked fun at Azalea's looks on Instagram.com on Sunday (12Oct14) and continued mocking her online over the following days.

The Fancy rapper snapped back at the hip-hop veteran following his initial outburst, and now she has written a lengthy post on Twitter.com about the feud, insisting she is baffled by Snoop Dogg's behaviour and compared him to Mean Girls movie bully Regina George.

She writes, "I could post a million more memes (pictures) about Snoop Dogg making fun of the way he looks too, that's easy... But the real joke here is the middle aged man whose butt hurt I asked why he was pulling a Regina George move on social media... I've seen all the memes the word has to offer in regards to me I honestly don't care...

"It's a shame because honestly everyone on my team myself included have only ever sung his praises. But there you have it... Personally I only shake hands & offer my support to those I actually like & I don't post... about others for attention to begin with... ima (I will) be the bigger man in this situation and leave it be."

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