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Idris Elba gets Valentines dating advice from kids

Idris Elba was given some expert dating advice by a group of children.

The Luther actor has teamed up with officials at fundraising website Omaze.com to offer one lucky fan the opportunity to be his Valentine and fly out to an unknown location and get wined and dined by the handsome star. The funds raised will benefit non-profit organization W.E. Can Lead, which helps children in Africa to get schooling.

While he awaits the outcome of the competition, and to meet the lucky lady who will enjoy an evening with him, the British actor has sought some advice from an unusual source - a group of adorable children.

While their youth suggests otherwise, the kids claim to be very knowledgeable about dates and offered the father-of-two their very own pearls of wisdom.

One boy advised: “It doesn’t matter about you, it matters about the girl,” emphatically sharing that Idris should put his dates feelings before his own.

"Take the girl somewhere she likes, like a girl concert," said one little girl in the video. "You pay for everything, and you agree with everything she says."

The children also had firm opinions on whether Idris should be a good date, or play the bad boy.

"Bad, because if you're good then you might have to wear glasses, suspenders and ugly trousers and then your watch will be a babyish one and then your date will probably slap you," said one girl, who has clearly watched a lot of weird TV.

“I’m writing all this information down”, smiled Idris, as he took notes.

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