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Ice Cube: 'Kevin Hart almost drowned on Ride Along 2 set'

Actor Kevin Hart nearly drowned on the set of Ride Along 2 as he attempted an ill-advised stunt.

Hart's co-star, Ice Cube, reveals the comedian wanted to film a water sequence at the end of the movie, but it went awry when the 36 year old suddenly started gasping for breath - and everyone on set thought he was joking.

"Every actor thinks they wanna do they own stunts and, you know, you think you're tough," he told late night host Seth Meyers. "He thinks he's tough, he works out, he does all these things and there's this water gag at the end of the movie and he's like, 'I wanna do it, I wanna do it,' and it's cool to do it once, maybe."

"He almost drowned and they didn't see him waving for his life," he continues. "They thought he was being funny. I actually wasn't there that day, but I did see the dailies and, yeah, he almost drowned. Water was shooting up his nose, he was screaming and he was done."

Ice Cube is glad his friend and co-star survived - and he hopes he has learned a life lesson: "Leave it (stunts) for the stuntmen. That's what they get paid to do."

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