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Ice Cube & Kevin Hart stage 'ride along' with student driver for comedy skit on TV

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart gave a young student driver a shock when they joined her for a televised 'ride along'.

TV personality Conan O'Brien offered to take his intern Diana Chang out for a lesson on the streets of Los Angeles and shortly after the pair set off, he asked her to pull over and pick up two "friends", who turned out to be the Ride Along co-stars.

In the TV skit, which aired on Tuesday's (05Jan16) episode of Conan, the two movie stars advised Diana on drive-by shootings and suggested she throw pennies at motorists who cut her off.

Hart received a dressing down from the former gangsta rapper when he joked about not wearing his seatbelt, telling the funnyman, "Tupac (Shakur) was one of the biggest thugs I know and he always wore a seatbelt."

The odd quartet stopped off at a Popeyes fast food restaurant and dined on fried chicken on the hood of the hire car, and also picked up pot from a marijuana dispensary. Conan then took over driving as Ice Cube and his intern pretended to get high in the back seat.

The comedy came to a brief halt when the car O'Brien was driving came to an illegal stop on a crosswalk, and a traffic cop on a bicycle urged him to move on.

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