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Ian Ziering drew blood after Sharknado stunt-gone-wrong

Actress Tara Reid was left aghast while shooting the Sharknado sequel after co-star Ian Ziering cut his leg with a prop chainsaw.

The stars were filming scenes for Sharknado 2: The Second One on the top of New York landmark the Empire State Building in March (14), when Ziering drew blood after a stunt went awry - but he refused to break character to have the cut tended to.

A shocked Reid tells Us Weekly, "Ian did all his own stunts and cut his leg with a chainsaw. He was bleeding on top of the Empire State Building and he just kept on acting. I would have been like, 'I'm dying!'"

Brushing off the incident, Ziering adds, "It cut up my leg a little bit. But, you know, chicks dig scars!"

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