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Hilary Duff embraces her body in empowering Instagram snap

Hilary Duff has finally learned to love her “strong” legs.

The Younger actress uploaded a powerful post to Instagram on Thursday (02Feb17) in support of U-Day, thrown by lingerie and swimwear label Aerie. Showing her confidence, Hillary uploaded a photo of herself reclining on a bed in a grey T-shirt and green underwear, flashing her perfect pins.

“I didn't always love my legs, but as I've grown, I've learned to love and celebrate myself, just as I am,” she wrote in the accompanying caption. “I began to realize that my legs are STRONG and they carry me every. single. day. Our bodies are amazing and something to be grateful for. I'm ME and that's really enough! Thanks for helping to spread the self love message @Aerie! Make sure to share your own message about why U love U for U Day!”

Hilary has long been an advocate of positive body image and after giving birth to her son Luca in March 2012 the blonde beauty didn’t rush into shedding her baby weight. Last year (16) she spoke about how becoming a mother changed her outlook on her figure and she certainly isn’t one to let her body restrict what she wears.

"I don’t care to look absolutely perfect in a bathing suit,” she told Today.com. “I’m a normal girl. I’m strong. I’m fit. I feel good about myself after I’ve had a baby.

"I go through ups and downs, being like, 'Damn, I'm fit right now' and 'OK, I'm letting things slide a little' and I'm totally fine with that."

Her comments came after admitting in 2015 that she used to think she was “too thin” during her younger years.

The 29-year-old has also insisted in the past that she isn’t a “huge dieter” and that she eats healthily without depriving herself.

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