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Henry Cavill brings red carpet premiere to hometown

British actor Henry Cavill brought Hollywood to his hometown for a red-carpet unveiling of his new movie Man Of Steel on Friday (14Jun13).

The new Superman was brought up on the Channel Island of Jersey and he returned to The Waterfront Center in Saint Helier for a screening of his new blockbuster at the local Cineworld theater.

Cavill was joined by his co-stars Russell Crowe and Amy Adams, and he posed on the red carpet with some very special guests - his mother Marianne and four brothers, Niki, Piers, Simon and Charlie.

He told reporters at the event, "It's incredibly important for me. I've been in New York, I've been in Mexico City, I've been in London and arriving here and seeing all of this has really brought it home to me how special this is and how big of an event (it is). It's kind of fun to be back here at the end of a very long journey, or the start of a new part of my journey, all thanks to Jersey."

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