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Harry Styles suffers onstage slip due to kiwi fruit

Harry Styles is struggling to avoid stumbling during concerts after twice slipping on kiwi fruit thrown on to the stage by fans.

The One Direction star, 23, was performing his energetic rock number Kiwi at the Eventim Apollo on Monday (30Oct17) when he tripped and fell on kiwi fruits fans had thrown on to the stage.

As a result the pop superstar had to halt his energetic dancing to steady himself and avoid injury.

Video posted on Twitter showed the singer saying, "As some of you may have seen, a little while ago I almost slipped. It appears there was an actual kiwi thrown on stage."

Harry was also filmed suffering a similar mishap during his performance at the venue the previous night.

The musician's two London gigs, the first on the U.K. leg of his world tour, have been incident packed as on Sunday (29Oct17) he halted his performance to ensure security staff could reach a young gig goer who was suffering a panic attack.

The fan later wrote on Twitter that she had received medical treatment and added, "I'm so grateful to harry for having such a pure heart and stopping the show to get security to help me."

Harry also provided food for devotees who camped outside the London venue for days to secure a prime spot in front of the stage. The Sign of the Time had pizza and hot chocolate sent to fans waiting in the cold.

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