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Harry Styles mistook Kathy Griffin for coat check girl

One Direction star Harry Styles mistook comedienne Kathy Griffin for a cloakroom attendant when they met at a concert.

The funnywoman was sat next to the pop idol when they both attended an Eagles concert in Los Angeles in January (14) and she claims the Brit appeared a little worse for wear.

He apparently had no idea who Griffin was and repeatedly mistook her for a member of staff as he chatted to actor Tom Hanks backstage at the gig.

Griffin tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "I was at an Eagles concert and I was sat next to Harry Styles... He seemed very, very drunk, and then he went up to Tom Hanks backstage and was making a loveable fool of himself. He said to him, 'Were you scared on the boat shooting Captain Phillips. Were you scared? It seemed so small'. Tom kept saying to him, 'Harry, this is Kathy Griffin - she's a comedian'. He didn't get it. He wasn't being (mean) but he kept leaving his coat with me. I was going to steal it but my boyfriend talked me out of it so I didn't get arrested."

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