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Harry Styles corrects fan's banner onstage

Harry Styles stunned an audience member at a One Direction gig in Pennsylvania earlier this week (ends06Sep15) by correcting the grammar on her banner.

During the concert at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia on 1 September (15), the singer motioned for the banner, which read, "Hi Harry, Your so nice", to be handed over to him.

In the video taken by a fan, Styles looks unimpressed and frowns as he takes out a pen to add the missing apostrophe.

He then holds up the sign for the rest of the audience to see the words "You're so nice" before handing the banner back to overwhelmed fan Taelor Ford.

Ford posted on Twitter.com after the gig, "Thank you for signing my poster and correcting my grammar!!"

She later told the BBC's Newsbeat, "I actually wasn't embarrassed at all, I was kind of happy that I misspelt it. I'm not really good at English at all. But I'm just so happy one of them noticed the sign."

Styles also wrote 'Thank you, love Harry' on the banner, which now has pride of place on her bedroom wall. She adds, "I don't want to touch it any more after the concert."

The concert previously made headlines after Styles was hit on the head by a drinks can thrown by a fan. He was unharmed, and later tweeted, "Thank you Philly for last night. Hope you all enjoyed the show, you've always been lovely to us. H".

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