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Harry Styles builds art and property empire

Harry Styles is proving his chops as a shrewd businessman by building up an impressive property portfolio and a collection of priceless artwork.

The One Direction star has bought a $4.8 million home in north London since shooting to fame, but he has also invested his riches wisely elsewhere.

He has lavished a fortune on a fleet of luxury cars and pieces of art, but the singer is adamant he is not squandering his cash as he makes sure every purchase is a wise investment.

Styles tells British magazine OK!, "I have had fun and I've bought stuff. I really like classic cars. One of my friend's dads is a classic car dealer, so I love going in and looking at all the cars. He's doing all right by me, yeah. I've got two, and I've got a Range Rover. I'm looking at a Jaguar E-Type 75...

"I think if you invest in the right things, cars can be as safe as property. I like art as well. I'm not like an art boffin, but if I see something that I like and I think it's wicked, I'll buy it. I really like Tracey Emin. I also think it's important to buy property, which is what I've done."

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