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Harry Styles baffled by sheep placenta facial rumors

One Direction star Harry Styles has laughed off reports suggesting he undergoes sheep placenta facials to maintain his youthful looks, insisting he has "never" experienced the odd treatment.

The British singer hit headlines in March (15) when Lancer Dermatology aesthetician Louise Deschamps, who claimed Styles was one of her regular clients, revealed she uses a tried and tested formula on his skin whenever he stops by the Beverly Hills salon.

She said, "I use sheep placenta on Harry's face, because it is really an antioxidant. It makes the skin really fresh."

However, Styles is adamant his skincare routine is much simpler than the $600 treatment he is said to have undergone.

During an interview with Los Angeles radio host Ryan Seacrest on Thursday (04Jun15), Styles recalled hearing the news from his sister back in the U.K., prompting him to reply, "I don't know what you're talking about."

He tells Seacrest, "This is very strange because it never happened...! I wash my face, but I don't use any part of sheep, I don't think!"

Deschamps had also alleged Kim Kardashian, Simon Cowell and David Beckham are fans of the unusual facials.

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