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Grimes upset by Wikipedia drug quote

Acclaimed Canadian hitmaker Grimes has urged a mean critic to stop adding a regrettable remark she made about her past drug use on her Wikipedia page, insisting it's not the sort of thing she wants impressionable fans to read.

The anonymous user has been re-adding a deleted quote from a 2012 interview in which Grimes, real name Claire Boucher, admits to using hard drugs while working on her album Visions.

The musician would rather not have to keep reading her most unfortunate reveal, during which she confessed to blacking out the windows of her home and taking "tons of amphetamines". She said, "(I) stayed up for three weeks and didn’t eat anything."

Now, in a frustrated Tumblr.com post, Grimes states, "Whoever keeps putting the few quotes I said early in my career about drugs back into my Wikipedia page is an a**hole. I don’t want that to be part of my narrative, and if it has to be, I want people to know that I hate hard drugs. All they’ve ever done is kill my friends and cause me to be unproductive."

And addressing the mischief maker directly she adds, "I hope you know you are doing the world a disservice."

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