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Gregg Allman's regrets over conversation with late brother

Veteran rocker Gregg Allman still regrets the final conversation he shared with his tragic brother because the pair had a petty argument about cocaine.

Duane Allman was killed in a horrific motorcycle accident in Macon, Georgia in 1971, and his passing sent the Ramblin' Man hitmaker into a deep depression.

The musician has opened up about their last interaction in his new memoir My Cross to Bear, confessing he still harbours a great deal of shame over how they ultimately parted ways.

According to his tome, Gregg gave his elder brother $100 to buy a gram of coke but when he failed to deliver the goods, he snuck into the guitarist's home and "poured out about a half a gram of coke and snorted it up" as revenge.

Several hours later, on 29 October, 1971, Duane confronted his bandmate and accused him of taking the drugs, which Gregg quickly denied.

He recalls, "That last thing I ever said to my brother was a f**king lie, man: 'No, I did not,' I told him."

Duane apologised for trying to pin the problem on Gregg, saying, "I sure do love ya, baybrah (baby brother)," but to this day the 64 year old has been unable to overcome his guilt.

He adds, "I have thought of that lie every day of my life, and I just keep recrucifying myself for it. I know that's not what he would want - well, not for long anyway. I know he lied to me about the blow in the first place. But the thing is, I never got the chance to tell him the truth."

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