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Ghostface Killah and Pras Michel launch new rap video app

Wu-Tang Clan star Ghostface Killah is helping aspiring rappers make their mark on the hip-hop scene by launching an app to create homemade music videos.

The Ooh Wee hitmaker has teamed up with the Fugees' Pras Michel and rapper/actor Saigon to create Spit 16, which allows artists to film and upload their promos for subscribers to watch and rate.

Ghostface hopes rising stars will use the app to get more creative with their videos after tiring of seeing scantily-clad girls dance around a luxury home or club in so many modern-day clips.

He tells the New York Daily News, "A 'good' video now, I guess, is a banging crib (house), girls with their a**es out and cars. That's what you see. But (to make) a good video, you hardly need any of that s**t...

"Remember, when Busta Rhymes did Woo-Hah? He was in a box. That was colorful - it was different."

He adds, "People these days are followers not leaders. Nowadays, everybody is doing the same thing - rhyming in the car or in the strip club. I hear (new) music, but I'm not a fan."

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