Gabourey Sidibe warns of impostor

Gabourey Sidibe has warned fans about an Internet prankster who is posing as the actress on

The Precious star is not a particularly big fan of social networking and she hasn't yet made the move to Twitter but Sidibe reveals a random user has already created a profile in her name and regularly sends out messages to her fan base.

During an appearance on chat show The Talk on Thursday (03Nov11), she said, "Isn't that crazy? I'm not on Twitter, I'm like a loser, I'm still doing Myspace...

"It's so strange (because) she's really positive because she thinks I'm positive but I'm not; I'm a hateful person. She's like, 'I love you guys,' and she's like, 'Good morning luvvies,' I guess to, like, my followers, which is strange. She's really uplifting and nice."

But Sidibe admits she has really warmed to the impostor: "At first my mom and I were mad at her, like, 'How dare you pretend to be like me?' And then my mom was like, 'Wait, people like her, she's lovely, I'm going to follow (her).'"