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Fergie keen to break Huey Lewis attendance record at Minot benefit

The Black Eyed Peas are hoping to break Huey Lewis & The News' gig attendance record when they perform a charity show in Minot, North Dakota on Saturday (03Sep11).

Singer Fergie urged her bandmates to do something to help the locals in her husband Josh Duhamel's hometown after a recent flood left the place devastated - and they jumped at the chance to stage a benefit concert.

Now, after learning actor Duhamel was in the audience for the town's biggest show on record, she wants to go one better.

Calling in to local DJ Chris Berg's radio show on Wednesday (31Aug11), she said, "When I was young I had a huge crush on Huey Lewis (but) we wanna break Huey Lewis and The News' record. We want people to come... because we wanna put on a party.

"Let's have the biggest party ever. Let's beat Huey Lewis' record."

Fergie admits she was stunned by the footage she saw of the June (11) floods in Minot and the surrounding area - because she knew a lot of people caught up in the disaster.

She adds, "It was devastating just watching the footage. His (Duhamel's) sister and her husband and their two new baby twins... They have a beautiful home... and it all got washed out. There are so many thousands of people that have been displaced."

And Saturday's benefit for the Minot Flood Relief Fund gives Fergie the chance to honour a promise to her mother-in-law: "Years ago, his (Duhamel's) mum always asked me, 'When are you coming to (perform in) Minot?'

"I love going back there... It's really funny because Josh's accent always comes out... All his friends have children and we're, like, the last ones (to become parents), so they're, like, cheering us on to make babies."

But Fergie won't be using Saturday's gig to break baby news - like Beyonce did at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday (28Aug11).

She states, "I have to fit in my costume... We've got a rager (party) to throw in Minot."

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