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Fan proposes to terminally ill girlfriend at Ed Sheeran gig

Pop star Ed Sheeran served up another amazing treat for a special fan at a gig in Saskatoon, Canada on Tuesday night (16Jun15) when he helped Pablo Benitez propose to Tanya Prochshyn.

The A-Team singer, who recently performed at a fan's wedding in Australia and joined a teenager playing one of his songs at a charity gig in a shopping mall, learned Prochshyn has terminal brain cancer and jumped at the chance to help her boyfriend make one of her final gigs extra special.

Sheeran met up with Benitez at a private function on Monday (15Jun15), when the fiance-to-be revealed his girlfriend would be having surgery to remove part of a brain tumor on Wednesday (17Jun15).

Benitez explained the operation will extend his partner's life, but she still has only four-to-five years left, prompting the singer to jump into action and plan an onstage proposal at his gig the following night.

Benitez proposed as Sheeran performed Thinking Out Loud.

And the on stage surprise was a rare exception for Sheeran, as he recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly that he receives requests to help with marriage proposals "every single day", adding, "We always say no just because if it’s planned, it looks planned."

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