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Falling tree crashes into Jenna Von Oy's home

New mom Jenna Von Oy had a narrow escape on Thursday (17Jan13) when her neighbour's tree fell and crashed into her Nashville, Tennessee house.

The former Blossom star was at home with her baby daughter Gray and husband Brad Bratcher when part of their roof began to cave in.

A stressed Von Oy took to Twitter.com to express her disbelief, writing, "Gray is sick, & a neighbor's tree just crashed into our house, breaking into the room next to us. Is it too early to have a glass of wine?"

She updated fans about the domestic crisis on Friday (18Jan13) and assured them her family was just fine.

She adds, "Faring ok after yesterday's falling tree debacle. Wish our house could say the same. Our fence, window, and roof need giant Bandaids (bandages)."

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