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Enter Shikari frontman responds to backlash over Taylor Swift criticism

Enter Shikari frontman Rou Reynolds has hit back following backlash he received after criticizing Taylor Swift's new ticket scheme.

The British rocker took aim at the pop star after learning she is rewarding dedicated fans who pre-purchase her new album Reputation by putting them at the front of the queue for concert tickets via her portal with Ticketmaster's Verified Fan program. The scheme is designed to prevent touts from buying up tickets for resale.

Both her representatives and Ticketmaster responded to Reynolds' comparison of the program to "exploitation", insisting it's simply a way to ensure that fans are rewarded for their support by getting tickets at face value, and on Friday (01Sep17), the musician took to Twitter to reiterate his thoughts about the scheme.

"Ok I think it’s safe to come out now," he began. ""What a weird 48hours. My timeline finally no longer an onslaught of 'you're superficial/stupid/sexist'. Just wanna quickly address a few things that were repeatedly suggested about me from hundreds of Taylor Swift fans:

"My criticism was specific, I have no broader problem with Taylor & no desire to 'drag' her. Yes I even think she's made some great pop tunes.

"Informing me that Taylor was not the first pop star to adopt this ticket scheme is good. I thank you for the perspective.

"This does not however somehow therefor make Taylor exempt from criticism. Exploitation is exploitation regardless who does it first. Don't assume I ignored other artists & call me sexist. I don't particularly want to fill my days analysing the ticket schemes of pop stars

"Taylor's new scheme was brought to my attention & I commented on it. My criticism is of ANYONE that uses it."

Reynolds also hit back at suggestions from some fans that he had taken a stance against the scheme in a bid to drum up more publicity for himself.

"Sometimes people have differing opinions from yours. There's not always an ulterior motive," he continued. "I have been off twitter for 48hours avoiding the backlash instead of capitalising on the (somewhat bewilderingly) extensive exposure I got.

"Hopefully proving I've no interest in attention. 'Fame is but the breath of people & often unwholesome' (Rousseau) as I've just found out!

Anyway, thank you to everyone who engaged & kept it civil."

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