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Emotional Paul Walker tribute track took songwriter 10 minutes to create

Songwriter Charlie Puth has revealed he wrote Furious 7's powerful and emotional tribute to Paul Walker in just 10 minutes thanks to a little help "from above".

Rapper Wiz Khalifa turned to Puth when he was asked to create a tune for the end of the movie that would serve as a nod to Walker, who died in a car crash while shooting the sequel in 2013, and the hitmaker admits the song, See You Again, just came to him as he sat at the piano.

Now a hit all over the world, the track still makes Puth smile because he feels sure the lyrics and melody came to him from on high.

He tells Australian radio show host Kent 'Smallzy' Small on Nova FM, "I had a friend who had passed away in a very similar situation like Paul Walker (sic)... and I wanted to write the song for Paul but I just sat down at the piano and the first lyric just came out. I don't know how it came out - some force from above. It just came out me and I sent it off to Wiz and he put the verses to it."

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